BRIGHTON PIANOS has had many happy customers over the 35 year history, and hired out pianos to international stars.

Below are just a few testimonials from happy customers:

I first met Andrew at BRIGHTON PIANOS, when i purchased a 1920's Wertheim Piano that he had refurbished. This piano had great sound quality, and a nice touch, so I considered the purchase price to be very reasonable. I was given unbiased advise, unlike other stores that only wanted to sell me a new piano, many of which are poorly made. I have another Wertheim piano that belonged to my mother, it's been in our family since 1940, so i decided to have it restored. Andrew reconditioned the action parts, and did some touch ups and polishing on the cabinet.Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, mum's piano looks and sounds fantastic again, I was very happy with the results.

Thank you enormously for the pickup and delivery of the piano. I can assure you that you were one of the only 2 suppliers for the whole wedding who actually came through delivering what was arranged and with no fuss or bother. In fact your service was so good that i missed the transfer of the piano from the garden to the reception centre and there is not much that i missed!! Lol. So enormous thank you for all your work and effort in providing the baby grand as it really added to the ambience of the day and we really appreciated such reliable service. Kind regards Jill.


For a number of years, Brighton Pianos has serviced and tuned my pianos, and my family's pianos at a level we have been happy with.When I started out as a piano teacher, Brighton Pianos was tuning my 1920's Wertheim piano which used to belong to my mother. As my teaching journey continued, I was searching for an affordable upgrade which I enjoyed playing myself, and would be a good quality for my students to experience. I looked in several different shops over a number of years, finding most places unafordable. I finally found the perfect piano at Brighton Pianos and am extremely happy with the piano and am amazed at how well it continues to hold it's tune even after moving a few times. It also has a sweet voice, the price was almost half the amount of other stores which impressed me enough to purchase my instrument from Brighton Pianos. I am happy to have purchased an instrument that has been well made as advised by Andrew, unlike some of the new poor quality versions which have tuning problems. I thoroughly recommend Brighton Pianos to my students and associates. I have learned a lot about pianos from Brighton Pianos over the years. Unlike some of the stock standard stores, they have a carefully selected range of good quality older style uprights, modern uprights, and Grands to suit individual taste and Decor.